Pests are a serious problem to any house or business. An untreated pest problem can threaten not only your health but also the health of your customers and employees.

Pest infestation can damage stock, infested products and can cause structural damage to your premises resulting in a significant financial loss to you and your business.  More importantly, pest problems could be fatal to your businesses reputation with many businesses failing to overcome that one bad customer experience.

Our professional service technicians are commercially trained and certified to ensure they are prepared to solve your pest control problems quickly and effectively. They are equipped with the latest technology, products, equipment and can offer a range of environmentally solutions to your pest problem.

Listed below are some of the products we use, including their Material Safety Data Sheet, and Declarations, if applicable.


Product Declaration Safety Data Sheet Valid Until
AF Glue Pad For Ephestia   SDS July 2023
ALDI Alphachloralose Bird Control   SDS March 2024
Barmac Barflex   SDS November 2021
BattleaxePRO Declaration SDS November 2021
Biflex Aquamax Insecticide Declaration SDS August 2021
Biflex UltraLow   SDS August 2021
Chaindrite Extra Strength Crawling Insect Spray Declaration SDS January 2025
Coopex Insecticidal Dusting Powder Declaration SDS June 2021
Crackdown Residual Insecticide Declaration SDS October 2021
Detex Declaration SDS December 2021
Ditrac All-Weather Blox Declaration SDS December 2021
Dragnet Dust Declaration SDS March 2021
Maxforce Cockroach Gel Declaration SDS October 2021
Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait   SDS October 2021
MaxumPRO Declaration SDS December 2021
Optiguard Ant Bait Gel Declaration SDS November 2021
Pestigas   SDS November 2021
Permethrin D Professional Insecticide Dust   SDS December 2021
PyGanic Organic Insecticide Declaration SDS January 2022
Rampage Rat and Mouse Bait Declaration SDS December 2021
Racumin 8 Rat and Mouse Rodenticide Declaration SDS July 2021
Rudchem Py Fog Declaration SDS May 2023
Rudchem Py Spray Declaration SDS May 2023
Selontra Baits   SDS March 2021
Talon Rodenticide Pellets Declaration SDS November 2021
TalonXT Pro Wax Blocks Declaration SDS November 2021
Tempo Residual Insecticide Declaration SDS October 2021
Temprid Residual Insecticide Declaration SDS October 2021
Termidor Declaration SDS  December 2021
Trapper Glue Boards   SDS December 2021
Ultraforce Cockroach Baits   SDS October 2021